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The Big Mouth – The First Step to My Success

  • September 7, 2020

I have spent my last weekend watching the whole series of The Last Dance. It was such a great learning experience. It’s filmed so well but what makes it great is the story behind the Chicago Bulls’ success who dominated the 90’s NBA championship. There were many good lessons to learn like teamwork, focus, and determination but the ones that stand out the most are the hard work, work ethic, competitiveness of Michael Jordan.

I have always heard about Michael Jordan and knew he is great but never learned about him in-depth. And man, he is uncommon among uncommon. No doubt people consider him as the GOAT who some people think is not even human. It has given me different perspectives towards the way I see my goals and the work ethic.

All my life, I have spoken about my big dreams and am slow in achieving those, and hence many think that I am a big mouth who says big things but is an underachiever. Well, one thing I have learned from this series is you need to set a concrete goal, with a concrete plan and strategy, and make it happen within the given time anyhow and at any cost.

Phil Johnson named his last project at Chicago Bulls, The Last Dance, the goal was to win the NBA championship in his last year. I have many more projects to come, but my first big project is to shut many mouths who have questioned my dreams, and this first project of mine is called The Big Mouth. The project will last until December of 2021, and the goal is to achieve 9 key and most important thing in my life.

1. Start living with my family.
2. Develop and finish 3 major projects at Smartboost, which we have envisioned.
3. Establish Synkrama with a 300 percent profit.
4. Establish GALR Marketing with a 200 percent profit.
5. Launch 2 collections of Bloomercraze.
6. Launch the Saas platform for Unboxing Startups.
7. Launch my Podcast, YouTube Channel, and establish my consultation portfolio.
8. Have a total team strength of 25 people.
9. Have body fat of less than 12 percent.

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