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I run marathons to remind me of who I am

  • June 16, 2019
A collage of three marathons ran by Karan Jain with a finisher medal in his hand

On June 2nd, 2019, I ran another Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon here in San Diego. I didn’t finish it in the time I expected I would, but it was still my personal best with 5 hours and 5 mins. My projection time was 4 hours and 40 mins. But I started struggling with the ache in my lower back after mile 18. Nevertheless, I was happy that I didn’t give up, considering the training I did was insufficient. And also, the injuries I was carrying with me made it quite tricky. I was not in bad shape as I was during the first marathon, but it was still painful, which made it all the more fun. I love going through pain and hurting myself to achieve something. It is the best feeling ever.

Running marathons doesn’t come naturally to me. In fact, when I was a kid, I was the fattest in my class for long years. I was overweight. My dad had to get my trousers stitched because the jeans in the kid’s section didn’t fit me. I used to have a tough time walking long distances because I used to get rashes on my thighs because of the continuous friction between them. But something happened when I was 12 years old. I participated in my first 400-meter race, that took place in my school. Everyone was laughing while looking at me on the start line of the race. Probably everyone thought I was going to give up before the race ends. They probably thought that I might not even finish the race, and if I did, it was because instead of running, I simply walked. I hated it, and I decided in my mind that I am going to run that 400 meters whatsoever.

Karan Jain as Fat Kid When Nine Year Old

This was me when I was nine years old, and I grew fatter even faster until I turned 12

I finished last, but here is the thing, I didn’t stop running. I didn’t walk, I ran the whole race. Not to prove everyone wrong but to prove myself right. Hundreds of thoughts came across my mind while running that four-hundred-meter race. In my mind I could see all those times when I let myself down and how horrible that feeling was. I didn’t want to give up this time. Although 400-meter sounds a small distance but it was a hell of a run for that fat kid. When I finished the race, it was the best feeling ever. I didn’t care if I came last because I was not competing to beat anyone else but myself and I won in that sense. And then I decided no matter what, I will never give up on anything in my life. I might fail to achieve the best of something but I will never fail to attempt something, and I won’t fail to become the best version of myself.

Since then, I fell in love with running. I used to struggle a lot with it in the beginning, but I became used to it. I started losing weight, and running became my stress buster. I ran my first half marathon and finished it in 2 hours and 5 mins and then I started participating in marathons. I have only run two of those till now, but I am planning to run more. The first marathon was brutal because I didn’t train even for a day since I needed to finish an academic project. I finished that in 6 hours and 15 mins. I prepared a bit for the second one, and there was a marginal improvement. I will train harder for my next one, and I will finish my third one in 4 hours and 30 mins. The goal is to qualify for the Boston marathon and run that one.

And I know I am going to achieve my goal before I die. While death is not absolute but if I survive till the average life expectancy, then I am sure I will achieve it. Because I know myself, I might be slow at something and might take a break, but I don’t ever stop until I finish what I have started. I will never give up on my dreams and goals unless I find it isn’t worth it anymore. Sometimes it is difficult to hang in on something, but that’s when one must show courage and stick to it, don’t just give up. That’s what I have heard from hundreds of motivational speakers, and that’s what I believe in.

iamkaranjain bib collection

I dedicate this marathon of mine to everyone who is not giving up on his/her dream and are working on it no matter what the circumstances are.

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