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Keep falling, keep rising, keep pedaling and you will learn to ride – Daily Blog #2

  • September 5, 2020

Tried my legs on Peloton for the first time, and it helped me burn more than 1000 calories today. Cycling was and will always be my favorite thing to do. And I can’t just forget all those memories I have associated with cycling.

Out of all those memories from trying to race with other kids and with every other vehicle running on the street in India to getting my friend’s bicycle stolen in the US, there is one particular memory I will never forget. I was around 10 when I got my first bicycle. It came with two support wheels on each side to maintain the balance. I was so happy and it was so much fun. But after three weeks I asked my dad to remove those supporting wheels as I don’t want to feel like very childish and instead want to ride my bicycle like a pro. I thought I am ready for it. My dad, after been asked, again and again, has finally removed the support wheels. And then come one of the biggest lessons of my life.

I was having such a hard time maintaining the balance after removing those support wheels. So I asked my dad to rather help me, by giving some support to the bicycle from the back. He did hold it for me and walked a few steps along the way while I was riding the bike slowly. And then suddenly he took his hand off the bike to make me handle it by myself. It resulted, me falling on the floor and my knee started bleeding. And since my dad initially was against removing the support wheels instead of holding me up, this is what he said, “Keep falling like this and keep getting up and keep pedaling until you stop falling and then you won’t stop pedaling anyways.”

That was one of the best lessons my dad has ever taught me. One must keep on trying to do new things, learn new things, implementing new things. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, you just have to keep on getting up and keep trying. Because as my dad said, you will learn to pedal and stop to fall, riding the bicycle after that will be beautiful and indeed it is.

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