First 30-days Training – Schedule and Nutrition

  • September 9, 2019

If you follow me on Instagram or my Facebook Page then you already know that I have been working out every day from past one month. I have been going to gym for years now but I was very inconsistent in the sense that I will go once or twice per week and then may be skip a week or two. But I realized that if I need my body to be in a shape that I always wanted it to be then I must push harder. This time I decided to be consistent and the results are satisfactory to me. The difference in weight is negligible may be because I have lost fat weight and gained muscles weight. I was very strict with my diet too. Below is the schedule of my workout and daily nutrition, if anybody needs to know.

Monday – Little Cardio (5-minute cycle) + Legs
Tuesday – Chest
Wednesday – Cardio + Triceps (Major) + Biceps (Minor)
Thursday – Back
Friday – Cardio + Triceps(Minor) + Biceps (Major)
Saturday – Shoulder
Sunday – Heavy Cardio and Stretching

In total, I was taking approximately 2000 calories which consist of 200 grams of Protein, 300 grams of Carbs and 70 grams of Fat.

I work on my abs three days consecutive and then take a rest day and follow the same pattern. For Abs, I follow the exercises suggested by an app called Six Pack in 30 Days. My workout vary a lot but I personally recommend the workouts suggested by Buff Dudes in their 12-week workout program. The main difference being, I do at least as much rep as suggested by the program but continue the set until I can’t push it further.

When it comes to nutrition, I was eating almost NO sugar, butter and oil. It mainly consists of following food:

Fat Free Milk + Liquid Egg whites
12 Grain Brown Bread + Peanut Butter
Indian curry consisting of Paneer with gravy + Any Vegetable (Boiled) + Roti
Fruits mainly consisting of Banana + Apple + Red grapes
Brown Rice + Broccoli + (Chickpeas/Kidney Beans/Pinto Beans) + Lettuce
2 scoops of On Amino Energy
1 scoop of On Whey Protein
1 Pure Protein Bar

Drink as much Water as you could.

That’s all I have to offer. I will be pushing harder for second month. The goal for second month is to gain more muscle mass.

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