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I live in San Diego, California but I am born and brought up in Mumbai, India. Have done my Bachelors in Computer Engineering and doing my Masters in Computer Science from San Diego State University.

I worked in Accenture, a multinational consulting and IT service company, as software engineer for couple of years and founded a startup later. Being from business family I had good exposure on how to run one. There were times when money didn’t seem important to me and sometimes it did.

Same goes with my social life. My parents have supported me in most of the decisions that I have made for myself, but it was disheartening when they lost faith in me but I realized it was not their mistake either. It felt good when I gained their faith but I learnt a lesson. I had lot of friends with whom I shared a bit of a life, friends were my life. As time passed by, I got some new friends and lost the old ones. But then there was a time when I was alone and it was that time which taught me a lot.

I have seen loved ones fighting for me even on small things and have also seen them leaving me alone. Time has shown me happiness, it wounded me with the cruelest moments but it also healed the same.

There were people who helped me when I needed someone badly to direct me towards right path. And I know how important it was for me. I am at the place right now where I have learned to face problems, I know what I want from my life and how can I get it. I think keeping peace in mind and working on your dream is an art and there is a way to learn it, it takes time and effort but it is achievable.

This is my blog where I want to share my experiences, what I learnt from it, how it changed my perspective towards my life and how and what I am going to do henceforth to achieve my goal. If it could help even one of the readers in the world then I think writing this stuff worth it.

I’m so excited you have taken a few minutes out of your day to drop by. Please don’t forget to say hey.

Karan Jain

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